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The World Is Ours 2012! ((EXCLUSIVE))

This was recorded on the 2011 leg of The Wörld is Ours tour. It is the entire concert at the Wacken Open Air Festival in Itzehoe, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany on 6 August, has parts of the Sonisphere Knebworth Festival, Knebworth, England on 10 July, and parts of the Rock in Rio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on 25 September 2011. Unlike the previous two live albums, there are no guest musicians appearing on the album. This completes The Wörld Is Ours tour recordings, which started in 2010 and made it around the world, including Australia.[2]

The World Is Ours 2012!

This is released in a single DVD and a 2 CD, both in 5.1 Surround and 2.0 Stereo formats, and had a special DVD and CD release, just like its predecessor. Like the vast majority of albums by Motörhead since the mid 2000s, the release didn't impact on the public at large but did well with its regular fan bases around the world.[citation needed]

Whether the world is theirs is debatable but a microcosm of Spanish fiscal and social issues is certainly represented in actor-turned-director Alfonso Sánchez's feature-length fast and furious debut.

Bull's Head (Sánchez) and Sneaky (Alberto López) are tough boys from the Seville streets with more brawn than brains. But they have a plan - they're going to rob the local bank and hot foot it to Brazil. That their motorbike runs out of gas in the first few minutes of the film is an indication that this is not going to go well. In fact, a picture emerges of an entire populous running on empty once they enter the world in miniature that is the bank.

Currently the best-selling band on Rise Records, Attack Attack! has toured non-stop over the past 4 years, bringing their insane live show to every corner of the world. Last summer found the band headlining the Vans Warped Tour, marking their 3rd time on the tour.

Thu/April-05-2012 Buffalo, NY The RapidsSat/Apr-07-2012 Detroit, MI Cluth CargosSun/Apr-08-2012Mon/Apr-09-2012 Minneapolis, MN First AveTue/Apr-10-2012 Chicago, IL House Of BluesWed/Apr-11-2012 Sauget, IL PopsThu/Apr-12-2012 Kansas City, KS BeaumontFri/Apr-13-2012 Denver, CO SummitSat/Apr-14-2012 Salt Lake City, UT In The VenueSun/Apr-15-2012Mon/Apr-16-2012 Seattle, WA Showbox @ MarketTue/Apr-17-2012 Portland, OR RoselandWed/Apr-18-2012 Chico, CA The SenatorThu/Apr-19-2012 San Francisco, CA RegencyFri/Apr-20-2012 San Diego, CA SomaSat/Ap-21-2012 Los Angeles, CA House Of BluesSun/Apr-22-2012 Phoenix, AZ MarqueeMon/Apr-23-2012 OFFTue/Apr-24-2012 Oklahoma City Diamond BallroomWed/Apr-25-2012 Dallas, TX House Of BluesThu/Apr-26-2012 San Antonio, TX White RabbitFri/Apr-27-2012 Houston, TX House Of BluesSat/Apr-28-2012 Memphis, TN New DaisySun/Apr-29-2012 OFFMon/Apr-30-2012 Ft. Lauderdale, FL RevolutionTue/May-01-2012 Orlando, FL House Of BluesWed/May-02-2012Thu/May-03-2012 Norfolk, VA The NorvaFri/May-04-2012 Sayreville, NJ Starland BallroomSat/May-05-2012 Philadephia, PA TLASun/May-06-2012 New York, NY Irving PlazaMon/May-07-2012 Toronto, ON Sound AcadamyTue/May-08-2012 Montreal, QC Club SodaWed/May-09-2012Thu/May-10-2012Fri/May-11-2012 Winnipeg, MB Garrick EventsSat/May 12-2012Sun/May-13-2012 Edmonton, AB Edmonton Events CenterMon/May 14-2012 Calgary, AB MacEwan BallroomTue/May-15-2012Wed/May-16-2012 Vancouver, BC The Vogue

The world was supposed to have ended in 2012, as foretold by a Mayan prophecy that, in the end, only prophesied that the Mayans would need to buy a new calendar. As the prediction went, our solar system would align with the black hole at the center of the galaxy. The magnetic poles would sweep and switch and falter, leaving the atmosphere to be stripped away by a devastating solar wind; the enigmatic shadow planet Nibiru would collide into ours and turn solid ground into a spray of magma drifting through space.

Muchas veces el arte es simplemente contar lo que necesitas contar. Y en 2012, muchas personas necesitaba contar esto, y al final lo hicieron ellos. Es una película que nace de la urgencia, de lo cotidiano de un momento concreto, de lo efímero, lo pasajero, lo temporal. Es una arcada, una patada, un escupitajo, es un abrazo y una mano extendida y un aplauso y un apretar de dientes. Es una película que surge de la necesidad de sacarlo todo fuera. Y por eso es imposible haber estado en el mismo bando que sus autores y artífices y que no te guste.

But just as there was a wonderful mystery and synchronicity that brought together a group of funny and engaged college kids in the late 80s--kids who now make movies and affordable housing--there is a wonderful mystery and synchronicity to the workings of the Holy Spirit. At Pentecost we celebrate the birth of a group of people who believe the world and its people are worth fighting for--fighting with words, faith, action, money and hope.

The world-famous physicist, who died last Wednesday aged 76, was a co-author to a mathematical paper in which he sought to prove the so-called "multiverse" theory, according to a report by U.K. newspaper The Sunday Times. This theory imagines the existence of many separate universes other than our own.

In 2015, Hawking joined Russian billionaire Yuri Milner to launch a project that aimed to use high-powered computers to listen for aliens. The project, known as Breakthrough Initiatives, supports SETI@home, a scientific experiment based at the University of California, Berkeley. It uses computers to scan the skies to look for life."Somewhere in the cosmos, perhaps, intelligent life may be watching these lights of ours aware of what they mean," Hawking said. "Or do our lights wander a lifeless cosmos, unseen beacons announcing that here on our rock, the universe discovered its existence?"

In a complex, changing, and increasingly contested world, the Carnegie Endowment generates strategic ideas and independent analysis, supports diplomacy, and trains the next generation of international scholar-practitioners to help countries and institutions take on the most difficult global problems and safeguard peace. Join our mailing list to become part of our network of more than 150 scholars in 20 countries.

In a complex, changing, and increasingly contested world, the Carnegie Endowment generates strategic ideas and independent analysis, supports diplomacy, and trains the next generation of international scholar-practitioners to help countries and institutions take on the most difficult global problems and safeguard peace.

We are Catholics. We are Americans. We are proud to be both, grateful for the gift of faith which is ours as Christian disciples, and grateful for the gift of liberty which is ours as American citizens. To be Catholic and American should mean not having to choose one over the other. Our allegiances are distinct, but they need not be contradictory, and should instead be complementary. That is the teaching of our Catholic faith, which obliges us to work together with fellow citizens for the common good of all who live in this land. That is the vision of our founding and our Constitution, which guarantees citizens of all religious faiths the right to contribute to our common life together.

Freedom is not only for Americans, but we think of it as something of our special inheritance, fought for at a great price, and a heritage to be guarded now. We are stewards of this gift, not only for ourselves but for all nations and peoples who yearn to be free. Catholics in America have discharged this duty of guarding freedom admirably for many generations.

That is our American heritage, our most cherished freedom. It is the first freedom because if we are not free in our conscience and our practice of religion, all other freedoms are fragile. If citizens are not free in their own consciences, how can they be free in relation to others, or to the state? If our obligations and duties to God are impeded, or even worse, contradicted by the government, then we can no longer claim to be a land of the free, and a beacon of hope for the world.

Almighty God, Father of all nations,For freedom you have set us free in Christ Jesus (Gal 5:1).We praise and bless you for the gift of religious liberty,the foundation of human rights, justice, and the common good.Grant to our leaders the wisdom to protect and promote our liberties;By your grace may we have the courage to defend them, for ourselves and for all those who live in this blessed land.We ask this through the intercession of Mary Immaculate, our patroness,and in the name of your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, in the unity of the Holy Spirit,with whom you live and reign, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Excerpt from Pope Benedict XVI, Ad limina address to bishops of the United States, January 19, 2012, copyright 2012, Libreria Editrice Vaticana, Vatican City. Used with permission. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2012, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Washington, DC. All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the copyright holder.

The document Our First, Most Cherished Liberty: A Statement on Religious Liberty, was developed by the Ad Hoc Committee for Religious Liberty of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). It was approved by the Administrative Committee of the USCCB at its March 2012 meeting as a statement of the Committee and has been authorized for publication by the undersigned.

[*]SCHIEFFER: Good evening from the campus of Lynn University here in Boca Raton, Florida. This is the fourth and last debate of the 2012 campaign, brought to you by the Commission on Presidential Debates. 350c69d7ab


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