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happy child learning piano

So your child loves music. Why learn?

Love seeing your kids happy?


​As soon as the music starts, you can see the joy on their faces! Bing!



"I'm bored." Are you constantly trying to entertain your kids with new ideas?


Instead of simply occupying the kids with yet another thing to do, music lessons provide an opportunity to have fun while learning core skills which are transferrable onto any other subject or life in general. This is very valuable and happens quite naturally.



"Are you ready?"


Before starting anything, my students are taught how to hold their posture. They are given the opportunity to explore how it feels when they are in 'ready position' as well as not, so they understand and see for themselves how they can benefit when everything is aligned and ready to support them to do their best.



Q: "How do I do it?"

A: "How do you do it?"


When my students ask me a question, I usually ask them the question right back. They are then given the opportunity to explore and find out for themselves, rather than helplessly presenting, "So what do I do now?" they really truly deeply understand what they are doing by constructing the answer themselves with the help of guiding questions if needed.


In asking "Why would I want to learn that?" and "How do I do it?", both the need and solution comes from themselves, giving them ultimate control. In doing so, they learn that taking responsibility is a very empowering step on their own learning journey. 



"Go ahead! Make a mistake!"


Give your kids the freedom and space to make mistakes with no serious consequences. Take the scariness out of making mistakes so that they feel safe to stretch themselves and find out what they are capable of without the fear of failure. 



Sick of fighting with your children?


Instead of struggling to teach your children patience when you're running thin yourself,  learning music gives them a mirror to work with. Kids start to discover that their frustrations are their own and workable. 


Firstly, the habit of blaming others (usually mum/dad) is challenged as they begin to see themselves getting frustrated in other situations also, just like in their music learning processes.


Then, playing music empowers the kids to do something about their frustrations or misgivings without projecting it onto mum, dad or whoever.


They focus on achieving a fun goal that they set because they want to be able to play Scooby Doo. When they play, they are rewarded with a sense of accomplishment - the ultimate approval from themselves. It takes the unfulfillable pressure off parents to satiate this insatiable thirst of being the sole approvers and comfort-givers.



Have you played an instrument yourself? "I can teach my child!"


Teaching your own children is not the easiest thing in the world - parent/child dynamics are a lot closer and often more charged. Having a teacher to take care of lessons allows you to spend more quality time with them and enjoy the fruits of their music-making!



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