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"Our daughter has built strong rapport and has a high level of engagement with Sendy during their tuition sessions. So much so, that she campaigned us to extend her sessions with Sendy into piano and voice lessons. One of Sendy's clear strengths as a tutor is her ability to apply a highly flexible style to her teaching methods. There is certainly no 'one size fits all' or formulated approach with Sendy. She is a highly intelligent and capable tutor overlaid with a clear focus on creating a positive, engaged and self-motivated learning environment for her students. Our daughter is enthusiastic about her sessions and we are very pleased with not only her progress but her growing confidence in her academic abilities."

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"Sendy at Balance Creative has helped identify gaps in Erin’s maths learning and helped her establish solid foundation knowledge that has allowed her to ‘catch up’ and progress. We have observed that Sendy encourages curiosity and applies her deep knowledge of learning (and learning styles) to make lessons fun and creative for her students. We have especially loved the ‘real life’ maths lessons. For example, Sendy has worked with Erin in the kitchen and made maths relevant and real.  Sendy has also been able to demonstrate/teach maths concepts by tapping in to Erin’s love of music which is intuitive and comes naturally to her. As a result, Erin can see purpose and benefit to maths and her confidence and skills have grown considerably over time."

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"Dear Sendy,

You have taught me so much & for that I owe you a big thank you :) From getting taught how to read the time, to figuring out what 'x' is, I have not only learnt math that has benefited me, but important life lessons (may you be happy, may you be well). Without picking up the motivation in me to give it my best in the selective stream test I don't know what I would do with myself. Thank you so much for tutoring me.

Love, Erin ♡ XXXOOO"




"I can truly say that Balance Creative has helped me in maths. Sendy is a FANTASTIC tutor.


She is helpful, makes things clear and is very supportive. Sendy has helped me in maths so much. I can see a massive improvement and so can everyone around me! If you are unsure about something, just ask. It is amazing how hard she works to give her pupils a good education."




"Sendy at Balance Creative has created a fun and effective fusion of creative and analytical teaching methods that has helped Kera achieve a marked improvement in her maths. 


She tutors Kera with a creative mind that speaks to Kera who loves and excels with language, music, and art.

It has been fabulous watching Kera develop her logical thinking and reasoning and to see her confidence and self-esteem with maths blossom."

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