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Clannad After Story English Dub: The Ultimate Guide to the Anime Masterpiece

however, nagisa suffers from a urinary tract infection during the second trimester, and she dies shortly after giving birth to ushio in baby's rosary. tomoya is devastated, and attempts suicide by overdosing on cigarettes. when he awakes, he learns that nagisa has died. he believes that she was taken away from him to give him a better life, and blames himself for being unable to protect her. tomoya struggles with guilt and loneliness, and he does not see ushio for several years.

Clannad After Story english dub

after nagisa's death, tomoya is unable to cope, and he is hospitalized. he is visited by nagisa's father, who tells him that he had always wanted to marry nagisa, and he proposes that he and tomoya marry. tomoya leaves the hospital, and he and nagisa's father marry in the final promise .

after tomoya and nagisa are married, sanae is worried that he is too sad and that he is too weak to continue raising ushio. she asks him to leave ushio with her and akio. however, in the final promise tomoya is left by nagisa. as he is about to leave with sanae and ushio, he finds nagisa, who has returned from the dead. nagisa tells him that she loves him and forgives him. tomoya runs off with nagisa and ushio, and he is unable to return to sanae and akio.

after the death of his mother, tomoyas life has been in a downward spiral. nagisas declining health has been so fragile that shes been forced to repeat a year of school. but when he agrees to help her restart the schools disbanded drama club, they learn that sometimes, if you find the right people to help you, you can get a second chance at happiness. join the ambitious tomoya, who dreams of becoming class president; kotomi, a troubled genius with a secret past; and the mysterious fuko, whose connection with the world has become so tenuous that shes literally fading from existence. discover the healing power of kindred souls, and experience the complete classic story of life, love, and the power of the human spirit in two extraordinary series: clannad and clannad after story.


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