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Grand Blue Episode 5 __FULL__

A 12 episode anime series from the 2014 Summer season about a calligrapher named Handa Seishu who was exiled to a small island because he punched a famous calligrapher. In episode 6, Handa's friend since middle school, Kawafuji, visits him and was describing how much of a handful Handa was. He mentions that when Handa gets depressed, he walls himself off and we see an AT-Field.

Grand Blue Episode 5


In Binbogami ga!, or The God Of Poverty is! or Good Luck Girl!, a show about Momiji, a poverty god, who attempts to take away the happiness energy surrounded by the other main character, Sakura, in episode 4, there's a Lance of Longinus that makes an appearance in the background:

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai is a harem-ish school romance/comedy that started airing in October 2011 which features a boy main character that recently transferred schools. One of the girls, Rika Shiguma, one of the love interests, is a fujoshi and likes doujins featuring mecha and sex. In episode 4, she's describing one of these doujins that features a Gundam ZZ and Evangelion Unit-02.

Burn Up W, a 4 episode OVA release starting in April of 1996. Although it was released the same year the Evangelion TV Series was aired, in episode 2, Nanvel produces a robot named "El Heggunte'" which is very obviously a reference to Evangelion Unit-01. There is a sequence of Nanvel's display with a timer and text scrolling by. The text is the episode list of the Evangelion TV Series. In the second half of episode 8 of Burn Up Excess, the follow-up TV series, Rio Kinezono and Lilica Ebett perform a synchronized somersault and double kick like Eva-01 and Eva-02 do in Episode 08. Also in the second half of episode 8, a giant transvestite performs a rush and somersault mimicking Eva-01 in Episode 02 against Sachiel.

Carnival Phantasm is a 12 episode OVA that consist of parodies of popular Type-Moon characters from series like Tsukihime and Fate/Stay Night. In episode 12, Shiki is holding a bunch of movie tickets and one of them has a picture of Mari Makinami in her plugsuit.

Elf ban Kakyuusei is a 4 episode OVA that was released in November of 1997 and based on a dating sim. In episode 4, during a scene in a theatre, several characters from Evangelion are clearly depicted sitting in the theatre.

Gear Fighter Dendoh is a lesser-known mecha series by the Gundam SEED director Mitsuo Fukuda. The show makes numerous humorous references to older mecha shows, and two of its episodes are largely dedicated for parodying Evangelion.

Episode 14 of Gear Fighter Dendoh is practically Evangelion's Episode 6 on super robot crack. When the Gulfer aliens use a swarm of tiny machine beasts to sap all electricity from Earth's power plants, GEAR HQ must devise an alternate way to recharge their battery-powered giant robot. Their ingenious solution is to harness together a huge number of small stand-alone power sources, including gasoline-powered generators, car and motorcycle engines, bicycle dynamos and even batteries from household appliances and children's toys. The ludicrous recharging operation becomes a race against time as a huge, slowly-crawling machine beast (looking vaguely like a cross-breed between Ramiel and Matarael) begins to home in on Dendoh's location in the mountains. In the ensuing beam sniping match Dendoh's Final Attack pushes back the machine beast's beam, destroying the invader. The episode ends with a public service announcement urging viewers to save electricity.

In Super Robot Wars MX, the series roster of which includes both Evangelion and Dendoh, their respective episode scenarios are combined and Operation Yashima is powered by people pedaling bicycles. (See Deranged's walkthrough on Gamefaqs.)

Dendoh's episode 18 is another, less inventive medley of Evangelion spoofs. Gulfer emperor's pet, Ragoh, has infected Dendoh's Data Weapons with a deadly computer virus, which is now slowly taking over their bodies. Scientists at the GEAR base desperately try to counterhack the virus (mimicking Evangelion's Episode 13), but when their attempts prove unsuccesful, the Dendoh pilots are sent to retrieve a sample of Ragoh's body from the bottom of the Japan Trench so that a vaccine could be based on it. The descent to the bottom of the Trench mimics Evangelion's Episode 10, and the subsequent battle against a marine-adapted machine beast recycles imagery from Episode 08.

In the second season of the Genshiken anime, near the end of episode 2 you can see 2 stacks of doujin on a table. The one on the right features Asuka and Rei in bikinis on the cover and Asuka is holding a beach ball that looks like Leliel.

In volume 7, chapter 39, of the manga, when Ohno's 2 friends Susanna Hopkins from the States come to visit, one of her friends, Sue, introduces herself by saying "Anta Baka", a saying made popular by Asuka. The reference is made even more evident in episode 10 of the second season TV series where she even mimics the way Asuka says it. (Sue's outfit - a dress andd two hair-ties - also somewhat resembles Asuka's outfit when she first appeared in "Asuka Strikes!" using that phrase.) Ohno then tells her she can't just say stuff like that and that she's lucky Madarame (the person she says it to) understands that it's a parody (of Evangelion).

In the Genshiken, Second Season TV series which depicts the second generation of the club, during one of the extras at the end of episode 3, Kenjiro Hato, a cross dresser, is attempting to put on a costume at a coplay cafe that looks like Asuka's plugsuit (but censored).

In episode 151, the barber says that, for a samurai, wearing a helmet causes baldness so everybody in society cuts their hair into a topknot so everybody will be the same. Gintoki responds by saying "What the hell is that about? The Human Instrumentality Project?"

In the Popularity Poll Arc, everybody received a rank based on a popularity poll conduced in JUMP magazine. Some characters were disasstisfied with their number and started to kill or discredit higher ranked characters to raise their number. A group of main girls, Tsukuyo, Tae, Kagura, Sarutobi Ayame, and Kyuubei created a group called Diamond Perfume, parodying the Japanese band Perfume. By creating the group, they all gained the same ranking as the highest ranked person. Doing this, they attempted to make other high ranking characters join their group. When they cornered Gintoki and Shinpachi in episode 184, they said they can all be first place together. Gintoki responds with a joke about about the similarity to this idea and Instrumentality.

In episode 190, Gintoki urinates on a cat grave and turns into a cat. He and his friends who also turned into animals join up with the stray cats of the city. The first picture is Otose saying that it isn't cats that should be neutered, it should be humans. Shinpachi replies with the statement seen in the picture, referencing the Human Instrumentality Project. In the other two pictures, there is a reference to the synchronization ratio of Eva pilots.

Also in episode 240, Tae bites into the Unit 01 puppet parodying when Unit 01 eats Zeruel in Episode 19. The sound made during the scene is similar to the sound Unit 01 makes during Berserker Mode in Episode 19. Tae's red eyes are similar to Unit 01's eyes in Evangelion 2.0 when it is in Berserker Mode.

The beginning of episode 3 of Hackadoll is essentially a Neon Genesis Evangelion tribute, opening with a meeting with the Seele council and including the hacking of the 3 "Magi". Some scenes even go as far as making it appear as it was shot in 4:3 aspect ratio.

In episode 8 of the anime, this scene is a parody of a common scenario in anime and manga and such, wherein characters will crash into each other at a corner due to being in a hurry and not watching out for other people. If one of characters is a girl, she will typically fall down and her skirt or dress will be flipped up such that the guy accidentally sees her underwear. Characters running to school with toast in their mouths due to being late is also a common occurrence. The true origin of this scenario is unknown, however one well known occurrence of it is in Episode 26 of Neon Genesis Evangelion, wherein nearly the exact same scenario as above occurs between Shinji Ikari and Rei Ayanami. On a related note, the bread falling between Nyaruko's legs is a pun because in Japanese "bread" is pronounced "pan" (ぱん) and "underwear" is pronounced "pantsu" (ぱんつ).

In this scene of episode 10 of the anime, the Japanese dialogue is "Tsuitsui zankoku na tenshi no beeze wo shite shimatta no desu" (ついつい残酷な天使のベーゼをしてしまったのです). This is referencing the song "Zankoku na Tenshi no Teeze" (残酷な天使のテーゼ), or "Cruel Angel's Thesis."

A 3rd season of Hayate aired in the Fall of 2012, and the references kept coming. In episode 5, a masked theft came in to rob a restuarant wearing the purple 7-eyed mask that Lilith had in the TV series:

In this short gag anime about a pretty office lady who's married to an otaku, there's a lot of references to pop culture and other anime. In episode 10, while discussing naming children & not naming them after pop culture, Hajime (the otaku husband) does a Gendo Pose and utters the line about naming their child "Shinji" if it's a boy and "Rei" if it's a girl. Then he notes that his wife's name is "Kaoru"; she is shown perched on a stone angel against a setting sun like Kaoru Nagisa in the original TV series.

In episode 13, the last episode of the first season, Hajime thinking that his wife may be pregnant goes to buy a pregnancy test and is seen by his friends. News apparently travelled very fast and there was a round of "Congratulations" done in the same way as the end of the Evangelion TV series (episode 26).

Kanokon is an ecchi fanservice show that started airing in April of 2008. In the 3rd episode, Nozomu Ezomori purposely runs into Kouta Oyamada by running around a corner with toast in her mouth shouting "Ahhh, I'm late, I'm late, I'm late..." similar to Rei in the alternate universe scene from Episode 26. 041b061a72


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